Product Information

What is shilajeet?
Shilajeet is all-natural herbal remedy which possesses aphrodisiac and libido enhancer activities andhas the capability to overcome a range of male sexual problems. It strengthens and maintains physiological functions of male genital organs in a natural and effective way. These capsules are clinically proven to get rid of erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders successfully.

What are its ingredients?
The composition of Shilajeet is the result of an analytical study and research. It contains pure Shilajeet powder which is known for its rejuvenating and aphrodisiac properties.

Shudha Shilajeet Powder 500 mg
500 mg

Do these pills really work?
Yes. Our products are made from world’s best herbal and natural ingredient so that it combats your ailment effectively and safely. We back our product with 100% money back guarantee. Our formulations have been tested and proven to be effective, in multiple clinical studies.

Is it safe for overall health?
Shilajeet is a non-prescription remedy for skin ailments. We guarantee the safety of our product for the health of its users. Its herbal composition has made it safe for you. No chemical has gone into the making of these capsules.

Is it true that the product has no side effects?
Shilajeet has no known side effect. The content of the product is natural that pose no threat of side effect to the health of people. It is a complete herbal product with no side effect.

Male Sexual Health

What is the dosage?
Take 1 capsule twice daily orally after meals.

How does Shilajeet function?
The pills work by enhancing the level of potency, intensity as well as frequency of erections and the count of the sperm volume. Shilajeet increases sexual desire, calms the mind and facilitates sustained penile erection, increases physical stamina, sperm count and overall sexual performance.

Do I need a prescription to buy this product?
No you do not require a prescription.

Shipping & Delivery Information

Which places do you ship the products to?
We ship our products worldwide.

Where will you ship this product from?
We ship our products from warehouses located globally, for your ease of delivery our products are shipped from US, UK, Singapore, India - your product will be shipped out from the closest warehouse depending on stock availability.

How long will the processing of the order require?
Your order is processed as well as shipped in 24 hours after you make the payment. The delivery will take just 3 to 20 days and will be depending on the type of shipping and location.

How does the shipping take place for these health supplements?
We always aim at offering the best customer service by delivering customers the product at the right time and 100% safety. Therefore, the customers can opt for low cost air-mail or the Courier Express Delivery.

How will I receive my order?
This health supplement will be delivered to you in bottles that will be discreetly packed. The packing will be done in such a way that it will ensure you of 100% privacy & confidentiality.

How will I know of my order status?
For order status related questions, please click on the ‘Order Status’ link below or contact us.

How will I be able to track my order?
You can track your order through a number that will be provided to you. The unique tracking number will let you know how far your product is whenever you wish to.

Which credit cards do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards.

Is my credit card information safe and secure?
Yes. Our payment form is 128 BIT encrypted and provides 100% safety to you.

100 % Natural

Alternative to harmful and illegal drugs. Made with all natural ingredients.

Recommended By Doctors

This is a time-tested and well-researched formula. No prescription needed.

Money Back Guarantee

We back our products with 100% money back guarantee.

The power of Shilajeet in your hands

Don't let erectile problems take a toll on your relationship - If you are having difficulty in having an erection, or unable to sustain it or having a low libido then you needn't worry - Use Shilajeet herbal supplements which gives superb and effective results without any side-effects.